Respect Nature.
Respect Life.
Gemini Code.

Gemini Code

Gemini Code is our brand in respect and promotion for the Earth.
Between the Bellunesi’s Dolomites and around the world, we have known and learned to valorize the nature. From this is born our interest for what the planet gift to us every day.
With this consciusness we have dedicated our studies to the terapeutich properties of the Cannabis Sativa.
Our goal is to develop and promote the benefit of this plant for the people welfare, guaranteeing a product that preserve natural properties.

Extracts and inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa

Our philosophy of the nature respect is mirror in our way to grow up Cannabis Sativa.
We focus on the production of inflorescences and extracts of high quality, through the use of organic farming methods. We pay particular attention at every stage of development, maintaining a controlled and certified spinneret.
We use modern extraction and harvest techniques that don’t alter the active principles and benefits of Cannabis Sativa.

"The human being necessarily requires an environment where to lives while the environment can perfectly live without us."

Where we are

Our project born and developed to Feltre in the province of Belluno framed by the Bellunesi’s Dolomites.

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